Overview Fourier 60 - The most advanced benchtop FT-NMR spectrometer

The most advanced benchtop NMR spectrometer

Outstanding usability features for laboratory or classroom convenience

  • Convenient handling
  • Temperature flexibility
  • Safety compliance
  • Workflow efficiency
  • Easy siting

With its outstanding features, the FOURIER 60 is all you need for NMR education and for routine, industrial and research labs. Running the industry standard NMR software TopSpin™ and offering both 1D and 2D NMR capabilities, the system is also best-in-class for new NMR industrial applications in reaction monitoring, liquid polymers, edible oils, petrochemicals and many other materials.

The FOURIER 60 is the system of choice for NMR education at colleges and universities, combining safety, efficiency, usability and performance.


Chemistry education, from simple to advanced experiments