Bruker's aurora ICP-MS series is what you've ever wished from an ICP-MS. Equipped with patented innovations like the 90° degree reflecting ion mirror and the CRI II interference management system the aurora family guarantee best performance in all applications.

The auroraM90 offers class leading sensitivity, robustness and flexibility - an ideal routine instrument for every days challenges.

With the aurora Elite you'll get the most sensitive ICP-MS on the market. Developed for dedicated applications it guarantees best sensitivity, detection limits and precision for applications like LC-ICP-MS, laser ablation, single particle analysis and isotope ratio determinations.

The intuitive Quantum Software features a range of automated options including setup and initialization routines. The Quantum Software is fully compliant to CFR21PART11 requirements.

With Bruker's aurora ICP-MS you are ready for the today's challenges in elemental analysis.