Fluorescence Optical Microscopy

Fluorescence Microscopy

Leaders in fast, deep, and super resolution imaging for life science applications

At Bruker, we are working to shape the future of light microscopy:

  • Fast, multipoint scanning confocal, Opterra, for live cell and dynamic applications
  • 3D and video-rate super resolution microscopy, Vutara, enabling simple live-cell multi-color experiments
  • Deep, two-photon microscopy, Ultima, for live animal neurological imaging

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      Multipoint Confocal

Opterra Multipoint Confocal

       Super Resolution

Vutara Super Resolution

            Two Photon

Ultima Two Photon

Who is using Bruker Fluorescence Microscopes

Professors / Scientists / Multi-User Facility Managers / Instrumentation Developers / Innovators
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"The Opterra system gives us fast confocal imaging with higher signal to noise than other available solutions. Our use of a multiphoton laser with the photoactivation module is providing us with a unique opportunity to produce ablations and photobleaching at precise 3 dimensional locations simultaneously with imaging."

Dr. Daniel Zicha
Cancer Research UK

"The volume of data you can acquire on a super-resolution system is incredible when comparing electron microscopy especially considering the sample preparation."

Peter McPherson Ph.D.
McGill University

"We appreciate the modular nature of the Ultima hardware and software. [...] We  have continued updating many of our 14 machines, including our ten year old systems.  The Team Viewer  connection and support is a huge asset for novice owners and for significant software changes."

Dr. David Wokosin
Northwestern University