Protecting Transportation Networks

Daily Peace of Mind for Society

Transportation networks require protection. They are easy targets that play a vital role in daily life.

Providing protection for the public and employees and maintaining operations fuelling modern civilisations is of the highest economic and social importance.

Bruker’s range of detection equipment and network centric solutions are designed with flexibility to adapt to any system, new or existing. Detectors providing continuous operation such as the RAID-AFM can be complimented with hand held (RAID-M100, M-IR) and mobile equipment (E2M) for fast, on site response.

The instruments can be joined in a large area network, controlled and monitored with intuitive bespoke software.

Our intruments can also be used for control of entry and stand off monitoring (RAPID, SIGIS II) for all aspects of CBRNE. Whether testing for explosives (using DE-tector) or monitoring radiation (with the Radiation Sentry Backpack), we have the right solutions.