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5 Agosto 2014

FIRST Newsletter - August 2014

Precious Resources - Industrial minerals are one of the earth's most valuable natural resources, yet people generally know very little about them. As geological materials mined for their commercial value, industrial minerals are the ingredients for many of the products used in everyday life. Bentonite, for example, is used to make cat litter. Kaolin is used in toothpaste. Diatomite is used to filter impurities out of beer and wine. Each of us consumes, directly or indirectly, about 48 tons of industrial minerals per year, and we benefit from about 1,750 tons over our lifetimes.
4 Agosto 2014

This year's Peter Duncumb Award goes to Ondrej Krivanek

4 Agosto 2014

Bruker Launches Unique Software Package for Dynamical EBSD Pattern Simulation at M&M 2014

28 Julho 2014

Bruker Announces Acquisition of High-Speed, 3D Super-Resolution Fluorescence Microscopy Company Vutara