maXis HD™

Redefining High Performance Mass Spectrometry

maXis HD™ sets the standard in ultra-high-resolution tandem mass spectrometry across a wide range of analytical applications.

The new maXis HD is the latest innovation in Bruker’s unique UHR-TOF product line. Its novel HDC collision cell enables record-breaking Full Sensitivity Resolution (FSR), well above all competing QTOF systems. Due to extreme sensitivity broad mass-transfer ion optics and fastest 50Gbit/sec sampling technology a dynamic range of 5 orders of magnitude is achieved in one second of LC time. Wide dynamic range at high speed is a prerequisite for high-resolution detection of low-abundance compounds in sharp UHPLC peaks and permits direct quantitation without re-run.

  • Record-breaking full sensitivity resolution (FSR) of > 75,000
  • High Definition 5 orders of magnitude dynamic range achieved at UHPLC speeds from 50 GBit/sec sampling technology—definitive trace analysis from complex, high-background matrices
  • Instant Expertise™ Intelligent self-optimizing MSMS routines for expert-caliber results first time
  • One shot plug & play acquisition with triple-quad standard sensitivity ensuring qualitative and quantitative results in one LC run with fastest time-to-success.