RF Coils

MRI RF Coils

Dedicated solutions covering a wide range of MRI applications

MRI systems can be equipped with a body rf coil for transmission and reception. Covering a large FOV, the body rf coil is permanently integrated in the system. Volume rf coils such as body coils provide high signal-to-noise ratio and a high rf homogeneity over the complete volume of interest.

In addition, a comprehensive line of dedicated receive only surface coils are provided in order to support many individual applications. Bruker provides state-of-the-art multichannel array coil technology for parallel imaging applications. Integrated preamplifiers guarantee an optimal signal-to-noise ratio over a large dynamic range from 3D fast imaging to single voxel spectroscopy.

BioSpec MRI systems from Bruker are capable of performing the widest possible range of NMR experiments on virtually any nucleus (1H, 13C, 19F, 31P, ...). Corresponding double-tuned rf volume coils are offered for direct signal detection as well as decoupling or inverse heteronuclear experiments. These coils may also be used in combination with receive-only surface coils for X-nucleus detection.

  • Circular polarized 1H whole body RF coil
  • Circular polarized 1H mouse whole body RF coil and corresponding animal bed
  • Pneumatic fixation of volume resonators
  • Circular polarized 1H rat brain RF coil and corresponding rat bed
  • Circular polarized 1H mouse brain RF coil and corresponding mouse bed
  • Phased array 1H rat brain coils
  • Phased array 1H mouse brain coils
  • Phased array 1H rat heart coils
  • Multiple surface coils
  • Phased array rat whole body coil for 1H imaging*
Body RF volume coil
MRI Coil Bed
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