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Advanced Magnet Technology

NMR Superconducting Magnets

Bruker has specialized in the design and production of magnets and cryogenic systems for a wide range of applications, becoming the world's largest manufacturer of superconducting magnets for NMR. Bruker is involved in every aspect of the magnet business including: R&D, production and testing, individual site planning, as well as service and support.

Our extensive NMR and MRI magnet product line is based on several proprietary technologies inlcuding:

  • AVANCE 1000, the world's first 1GHz NMR system
  • The UltraShield UltraStabilized US2 represents the ultimate combination of Bruker's renowned magnet technology (UltraStabilized and UltraShield) to deliver unrivaled system performance and siting capabilities at ultra-high fields
  • Ascend™ - Compact high field NMR magnets incorporating key technologies for best performance and cost efficiency
950MHz US² Magnet