Overview Albira Preclinical Imaging

Revolutionary preclinical PET SPECT CT system

Albira comes in seven configurations to suit your research needs and budget. Compact, modular and field upgradeable, it fits in virtually any lab.


  • Revolutionary single crystal PET detection technology
  • Very high resolution and superior image quality
  • Rapid multimodal acquisition and reconstruction
  • Powerful quantification and dynamic analysis options
  • Automatic image fusion with full MRI compatibility
  • User friendly, state-of-the-art software suite
  • Complete integrated protocols that are practical, flexible and easy to customize
  • Available in 7 configurations
  • Upgrade options include choice of gamma camera and up to 3 PET rings
  • True turnkey advanced research solution

Specifically designed for pre-clinical researchers, Albira combines PET, SPECT and CT imaging in a unique and extremely powerful way. Its highly compact, modular design gives you the freedom to purchase what you need now, and upgrade as your research requirements change.


Revolutionary PET detection technology

Unlike conventional systems, Albira PET technology uses single, continuous crystals without dead zones. The Albira system uses these crystals, along with their associated position sensitive photo-multiplier tubes (PSPMT) and PET electronics, to measure the depth of interaction by the shape of the detected light. 

This corrects for parallax error — without sacrificing sensitivity. By contrast, the pixelated crystal detectors used in other PET systems must be packed more densely in larger detector areas in order to reduce parallax error. Only Albira’s revolutionary PET technology breaks free from this limitation.

Your system, your way

Albira can be purchased in seven configurations to suit your needs, and you can easily upgrade from a standalone system to bimodal and trimodal configurations as your research needs change over time. Your capabilities expand, but the size of your system does not.

Easy siting

Beneath its streamlined, shielded shell, the true genius of Albira's modular construction and flexibility is immediately clear. It has everything you need -- from exceptional performance to multiple upgrade paths to smooth, convenient workflow--all neatly packaged in a 2.2 m x 1.6 m foot print. It will fit in virtually any lab.

Whether you are looking to develop new predictive imaging biomarkers, accelerate preclinical validation of small or large molecules, select drug candidates for clinical translation, or gain quantitative understanding of biological processes, Albira’s revolutionary technology unlocks the full potential of your research.

Albira features at a glance

Literature download

Application Protocol for Small Animal Lung Volume Segmentation


User-friendly software suite

Albira Software Suite is designed for simplicity and ease of use.  A single screen provides all of the visual information you need, and integrated protocols are easy to customize for maximum productivity. The suite's four dedicated modules are: Acquirer, for data acquisition; Reconstructor, for 3D image reconstruction; Manager, for complete system management; and Supervisor for quality control.