Dimension Icon - Overview

Dimension Icon

AFM Performance and Functionality Redefined

Enabling highest performance, large sample AFM imaging over a broad range of applications

  • Delivering highest performance on any AFM sample
  • Offering broadest range of AFM modes and applications
  • Providing quantitative nanoscale material property mapping
  • Powered by PeakForce Tapping

The Dimension Icon® Atomic Force Microscope brings new levels of performance, functionality, and AFM accessibility to nanoscale researchers in science and industry. The culmination of decades of large-sample AFM technology, the system has been designed from top to bottom to deliver revolutionary low drift and low noise that allows users to achieve artifact-free images in minutes instead of hours. 

The Icon is also equipped with proprietary ScanAsyst® automatic image optimization technology, which enables easier, faster, and more consistent results, regardless of user skill level. The Icon’s uncommon ease of use, ultimate performance, exceptional productivity, and superior versatility make it an ideal choice for practically every AFM application.