PeakForce Tapping

PeakForce Tapping

Highest Resolution, Imaging and Property Mapping

PeakForce Tapping™ is the most significant breakthrough in AFM technology since the advent of TappingMode™. By applying a precisely controlled force response curve at every pixel, PeakForce Tapping permits the use of reduced imaging forces, protecting both fragile probes and samples with no decrease in image resolution. The true power of PeakForce Tapping, however, is its ability to enable and enhance other techniques.

PeakForce QNM™ leverages the force response data of PeakForce Tapping to obtain quantitative nanomechanical information over a wide range. ScanAsyst® automates PeakForce Tapping, saving time and effort for all AFM users. PeakForce Tapping has also been integrated into several Electrical Characterization Modes, allowing users to investigate electrical properties in parallel with nanomechanical characteristics and topography.


PeakForce Tapping is an AC imaging technique, i.e., the cantilever is oscillated but well below resonance. This results in a continuous series of force-distance curves. In addition to direct force control by keeping the peak force constant, a multitude of material properties can be extracted and quantified from the force-distance curve at each pixel within an image, such as modulus, adhesion force, and deformation depth.

Recommended AFM probes for PeakForce Tapping: