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Nov 12, 2014

Using Modern X-ray Diffraction Methods to Characterize GaN Based Devices
Join Dr. Madhana Sunder and Brian Jones for a complimentary 30-minute interactive webinar followed by a live audience Q&A session discussing data collection and interpretation using the following methods to analyze GaN devices: X-ray Reflectivity, Reciprocal Space Mapping, High Resolution Rocking Curves and Grazing Incidence Diffraction.
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Aug 19, 2014

There's Still Plenty of Room at the Bottom:
Micro X-ray Metrology Solutions
This 45-minute webinar will explore several case studies using Micro XRD (D8 DISCOVER)and Micro XRF (M4 TORNADO). Jon Giencke, Applications Scientist-XRD, and Mike Beauchaine, Business Development Manager XRFi – Americas, will discuss the benefits of combining these analytical techniques to understand materials on the microscopic scale.
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Apr 3, 2014

Improving the Bottom Line in Mining with
X-ray Analysis
In this one-hour educational webinar, Bruker technical experts will present the latest in XRF and XRD analytical methods and instrumentation for industrial mining and minerals applications. Panelists Arkady Buman, Kai Behrens and Brian Jones will show the power of combining XRD with XRF to enhance hydro- and pyro-metallurgical mining steps in order to increase the output of high-grade ore.
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Mar 13, 2014

A Double Dose: Combining XRD and TXRF for Analysis of Pharmaceutical Materials
X-ray diffraction and total reflection X-ray fluorescence are two powerful, non-destructive techniques used in pharmaceutical analysis. When combined, these complementary methods provide a wealth of structural and compositional information. This 45-minute webinar will explore case studies using the D2 PHASER and S2 PICOFOX benchtop instruments.
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