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Advanced Course in X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry - Analytical Method Optimization

Part No Location Dates Duration Language
BRA006XRFA-PT Brazil 03-05/10/2017 3 days Portuguese

The training aims at the improvement of theoretical and practical knowledge related with chemical elemental analysis by X-ray Fluorescence, presenting tools and perform advanced tasks in software. Indicated for users that participate of the basic training or that have proven experience with Bruker software and instrument.


  • Analytical Method step by step;
  • Drift Correction;
  • Corrections: Alfa, Overlap, Offset and fundamental Parameters;
  • Geometric Corrections;
  • Spectra File System: what is the use of each file?
  • How to create an Application with parts of others Applications?;
  • Conversion of spectrum files for XY format;
  • How to delete permanently an application?;
  • Customizing a calibration package;
  • Measure time optimization: Dead time and Pile up;
  • How to calibrate multiple lines for the same element in the same application?
  • Exporting/Importing applications;
  • Refining the QuantExpress.