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X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry - Focusing on Analytical Methods Optimization

Part No Location Dates Duration Language
BRA006XRFA-PT Brazil None scheduled 3 days Portuguese

Advanced course focused on the creation and optimization of the of calibration curves using Spectra software tools. Indicated for users that participate of the basic training or that have proven experience with Bruker software and instrument.


  • Analytical Method step by step;
  • Drift Correction;
  • Corrections: Alfa, Overlap, Offset and fundamental Parameters;
  • Geometric Corrections;
  • Spectra File System: what is the use of each file?
  • How to create an Application with parts of others Applications?;
  • Conversion of spectrum files for XY format;
  • How to delete permanently an application?;
  • Customizing a calibration package;
  • Measure time optimization: Dead time and Pile up;
  • How to calibrate multiple lines for the same element in the same application?
  • Exporting/Importing applications;
  • Refining the QuantExpress.