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Since more than 50 years, Bruker has been one of the market leaders in analytical Magnetic Resonance Instruments including NMR, EPR and Preclinical Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). During this time Bruker technologies have innovated instrumental analytics in the interest of technological progress, constantly.

Today, Bruker’s aspiration to always provide the best technological solution for each analytical task, has led to the development of the In Vitro Diagnostic Research (IVDr) Concept in Biobanks.

The use of NMR technology in Biobanks could revolutionize the analysis of body fluids. The introduction of NMR in Biobanks
•    Gives Biobanks full quality control of samples and analyses results
•    Paves the way for an unprecedented time-cost effectiveness
•    enables transferability of analyses
•    While Standardized NMR spectra can reduce the number of new samples to be collected for clinical trials and research it can also enablie a worldwide integration of Biobanks. By using NMR technology, it is possible to measure or analyze 220 biomarkers at once,.

How can this be achieved?

Non-invasive analysis of 220 biomarkers at once lead to reliable and robust analytical results. Bruker’s IVDr Technology follows SOP and is therefore delivering fully comparable long lasting results. Non-invasive analysis of 220 biomarkers at once leads to reliable and robust analytical results. This gives Biobanks full quality control and the possibility of collaboration and cooperation with other biobanks.

Biobanks benefis from the outstanding reproducibility and transferability. Such spectra generated by different groups worldwide, working under standardized NMR conditions, can generate spectra that can go into common statistical analysis. This is a huge advantage for large clinical studies or epidemiology.

The Technology

The NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) based IVDr platform (In vitro Diagnostic Research) has been developed at 600 MHz with completely standardized hardware and standard operation procedures for the most common body fluids, and is already widely used in clinical and translational research. It also forms the basis of the International Phenome Center Network IPCN NMR-based investigations.

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NMR-based Quality Control and Added Value Generation for Biobanks

Quality control, standardization and coverage of relevant metadata are major issues for successful biobanking. Keeping in mind the rapidly increasing number of biobanks worldwide, the solution to solve such issues becomes a high priority. NMR is a technology that has rapidly grown into one of the two major tools in mixture analysis. It benefits from its outstanding reproducibility and transferability.

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