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Targeted Metabolomics

Validate biomarker candidates and analyze known target compounds

Identified biomarkers can be validated in targeted metabolomics experiments, where usually a limited number of compounds are quantified in a large set of samples. With its excellent sensitivity and powerful quantitation capabilities, Bruker´s GC-MS and LC-MS triple quadrupole systems are ideal for this task.

Likewise, Bruker‘s NMR and ESI-UHR-TOF systems provide highly accurate data with a wide dynamic range and excellent resolution for the simultaneous analysis of both high- and low- abundant metabolites in complex samples.

Examples are Bruker´s NMR based FoodScreener, which delivers targeted multi-marker analysis incorporating absolute quantification, and the screening of inborn errors in newborn health.

The Compass TASQ software enables mining the same full-scan high-resolution LC-QTOF-MS data set used for an optional non-targeted metabolomics workflow in a pathway-driven targeted fashion.