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Data Analysis Software

Bruker has the complete NMR software solution for all aspects in your natural product research. From finding an answer to your complex chemical structure questions or devising a multivariate model to understand the profile of your botanical materials, Bruker has developed various software packages to streamline your workflow for rapid results without compromise in data quality.


Natural Products CMC se
  • CMC-se is Bruker's simple and efficient structure elucidation software that is essential for natural product researchers. With 1D and 2D NMR spectra for the compound of interest, CMC-se automates many of the key analysis and interpretation steps to aid researchers in simplifying the structure elucidation of valuable purified metabolites.
Natural Products AssureNMR 01
  • AssureNMR is comprehensive data analysis software for automated targeted and non-targeted screening of extracts, mixtures or purified materials. By identifying and quantifying specific metabolites in a botanical material or detecting potential adulterants in a dietary supplement, AssureNMR empowers researchers to create their own automated analysis methods for screening of natural products.
Natural Products AMIX
  • AMIX provides a collection of powerful tools that enable you to get the most out of your data. AMIX includes many integrated routines for spectroscopic and statistical analyses, significantly enhancing productivity across a wide variety of applications, such as small molecule research, metabolomics and mixture analysis.

AMIX Example

Natural Products AMIX Example1
The chemometric functions in AMIX such as PCA allows in-depth analysis
of botanical materials for species identification. The PCA scores plot
show the separation of various Vaccinium species.
Natural Products AMIX Example2
With univariate statistics and multivariate modelling such as PCA,
SIMCA, PLS and PLS-DA capabilities, AMIX assists interpretation of 1D
or 2D NMR spectra and LC-MS datasets and gives researchers the vital
metabolomic tools for quick and reliable results.