Organic Chemistry

Solutions for Organic Chemistry Applications

The power of NMR as a tool to analyze organic molecules has been recognized immediately after its invention. Today, it is almost inconceivable, that a publication in the field of organic synthesis does not contain detailed NMR spectroscopic information.  One and two-dimensional experiments are applied on a routine basis to elucidate or confirm the structure of an isolated or newly synthesized molecule. Whereas 1H and 13C are the most commonly measured ones, other nuclei also play important roles. In addition to structure determination NMR is being used to study reaction kinetics, dynamic processes, quantification and more. 

We are offering solutions from the entry level AVANCE series 300 MHz system to the highest currently available fields. All equipped with a state of the art instrument, easy to use software and powerful analysis tools.

The type and quantity of samples available will determine the optimal probe choice. From the ultra sensitive cryoprobes to the microprobes with only 5 microliters of volume, there is the right probe for your application.

High throughput, round-the-clock (24 hour) operation can be achieved with our automatic sample changer options. Alternatively systems can be equipped with flow probes for coupling with HPLC systems or liquids handlers.

The analysis of dynamic processes in organic chemistry often requires working at elevated or reduced temperatures. Viscous compounds or samples with solubility problems also benefit from variable temperature options. Bruker BioSpin offers temperature controllers, low temperature accessories and probes that allow operation under extended temperature ranges.

Application examples:

  • Structure elucidation in organic synthesis
  • Analysis of molecular dynamics with VT operation and DNMR software
  • Natural products analysis