IMSC 2018

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Thank you for joining us at this year's IMSC in Florence. New technologies like PASEF to take bottom-up to new heights were presented. Bruker's new product solution scimaX which enables high-throughput phenomics was introduced in Europe and scientific insights have been shared.    

The scientific IMSC 2018 posters can now be downloaded in the download section below.

Keep updated with the latest technologies and developments launched at IMSC:

  • scimaX: system enables high-throughput phenomics by extreme resolution magnetic resonance mass spectrometry
  • timsTOF™ Pro: with online PASEF opens new research fields in ultra-high sensitivity and high-throughput proteomics


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Poster download area

1: The PASEF method on a TIMS-QTOF mass spectrometer for High Sensitivity Phosphoproteomics

2: Maximized throughput and analytical depth for shotgun proteomics using PASEF on a TIMS equipped QTOF and a novel LC system

3: Ultrafast detection of drugs and metabolites in urine by Flow Injection Analysis (FIA) coupled to Magnetic Resonance Mass Spectrometry (MRMS)

4: Analysis of Host Cell Proteins in Antibody Preparations using PASEF LC-MS/MS

5: High speed, high sensitivity and high reproducible and accurate label-free quantification using the PASEF method on a TIMS-QTOF

6: Analysis of removal of pesticides and drugs in waste water by plants using Flow Injection Analysis Magnetic Resonance Mass Spectrometry

7: Construction and application of a high-resolution MS/MS library including retention time information for rapid identification of endogenous metabolites

8: A Qualitative/Quantitative LC-QTOF-MS Assay for Forensic Drug Screening in Urine -Feasibility Study and Basic Method Validation

9: Applying Trapped Ion Mobility separation (TIMS) in combination with Parallel Accumulation Serial Fragmentation (PASEF) for analysis of lipidomics samples