Portable Bio Detector

Biological Threat Mitigation

The Bruker pBDi is a portable detection platform for rapid and sensitive on-site identification of biothreat agents. Developed for use by non-scientific personnel, the pBDi is easily operated, even while working in protective equipment under extreme conditions.

Fully portable and operating from internal batteries, pBDi can be used in the hot zone. Equally pBDi can be integrated with various mobile platform solutions, where it can be powered from an external supply. The pBDi employs a sensitive electrochemical biochip technology for multiplex ELISA-based (enzymelinked immunosorbent assay) detection of biothreat agents.

The pBDi builds on the technology of the Bruker portable Toxin Detector and offers new features such as integration with a mobile suitcase, battery operation, Bluetooth connection to a ruggedized tablet PC and assays for bacteria, viruses and toxins identification.