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Vutara 352 Super Resolution Microscope

A Complete Solution for Super Resolution at the Nanoscopic Level

Enter the world of nanoscale imaging with the Vutara 352 super resolution microscope.  Based on single molecule localization techniques (PALM, STORM, etc.), Vutara 352 enables quantitative imaging at the nanoscale.  

  • Vutara’s proprietary Biplane technology provides 3-D imaging during all acquisitions.  
  • A flat homogenous field of view using wide field illumination allows accurate imaging at depths of over 30 um. 
  • A high-speed detection system and powerful lasers enable live cell nanoscale imaging.   


Sophisticated visualization tools bring your results to life, and the Quantitative Localization Microscope analysis suite puts information at your fingertips.


 Bruker Microfluidics Accessory

Vutara 352 tool image v2
Opterra II Live-Cell Imaging

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A Complete Solution, From Acquisition to Analysis

With SRX software and its Quantitative Localization Microscopy analysis suite, Vutara 352 can provide visual and quantiative information from biological samples. By localizing individual molecules, Vutara can generate stunning 3D images while simultaneously providing in-depth quantitative analysis tools.

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Fast Acquisition

Fast acquisition means that your productivity increases – acquire optimal localization data in a matter of seconds from fixed samples. Frame rates up to 3000 fps allow data to be collected from live samples and perform time based measurements.

With powerful 1000 mW lasers, the Vutara 352 can drive blinking at the highest possible rates.

Fully utilizes sCMOS cameras, and GPU and CPU processing, to provide >3000 fps acquisition.

Vutara 352 multispeed imaging v1

Image: BSC1 Cell AF647 - Alphatubulin Left: 50 FPS, Middle: 800 FPS, Right: 2000 FPS

Synaptonemal complex protein V2

Every Acquisition is 3-D

Biplane technology allows you to acquire 3-D data with every acquisition. For thicker specimens Vutara allows you to easily perform a Z series and automatically localizes the entire volume.

3 d

Turn Voxels into Information

Vutara’s QLM suite (Quantitative Localization Microscopy suite) allows you to turn voxels into meaningful experimental results.

The Vutara 352’s workflow-driven software steps users through the setup, calibration, imaging, processing, and analysis of the super-resolution experiment.

The Vutara SRX software couples real-time image analysis with powerful 3D visualization and analysis tools to let researchers quickly create publication quality videos, images, and measurements

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Optional High-Speed Confocal Scanner

The optional Opterra scanner provides an optically sectioned live image for sample navigation as well as reference images, including Z stacks, for correlative imaging.

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Vutara Confocal and Super Resolution imaging v1

Alexa 647 Homer (Red) and Alexa 561 (Green) Bassoon labeling of neuronal cells