Opterra Multipoint Confocal

Add High-Speed Confocal to Your Super Resolution

The optional Opterra SR confocal scanner adds swept-field confocal (SFC) imaging capability to the Vutara 352 system. Based on Bruker’s Opterra II Multipoint Scanning Confocal Microscope, the scanner enables Vutara to perform confocal imaging of fixed or live-cell samples, without compromise.

The system's SRX software provides enhanced images in seconds through built-in fast deconvolution. Interactive visualization tools allow 3D reconstructions to be viewed over time. Together these abilities make live-cell 4D experiments at super resolution easy to perform.

Vutara opterra combo v1
BSC1 cells with AF 647 tubulin v1


The Vutara's Opterra SR option also permits researchers to utilize correlative imaging for easier and more complete data collection. The scanner can quickly navigate samples to locate areas of interest for more exact super-resolution imaging. Confocal images can be saved as reference images, and post-acquisition can be overlaid by super-resolution image results.

Homer and bassoon labeled neurons v1


The contextual information provided by the confocal image aids in interpretation of the SML data. Combined with quantitative analysis, the high-resolution confocal images provide a guide for creating measurement ROIs for statistical comparisons based on microanatomical detail.