ALPHA FAME in Diesel Analyzer

Biodiesel (FAME) normally is blended with petrodiesel up to a maximum concentration of about 30 % v/v (B30). Regulations in Europe and the US specify that blends with a biodiesel content of up to 5% may be sold as normal diesel fuel without a special labeling. The actual concentration of biodiesel can be easily determined by FT-IR spectroscopy since fatty acid methyl esters have a pronounced infrared absorption.

The ALPHA FAME in diesel analysis kit allows quantifying the FAME content in diesel according to DIN EN 14078. The measurement is performed by using a liquid flow through cell in the ALPHA-T. The kit contains a dedicated software-wizard that guides the user through the analysis procedure including measurement, data evaluation and reporting. Its simple and intuitive user interface allows operation even by spectroscopically inexperienced personnel.
Alternatively the ATR method according to ASTM D 7371 can be performed using the ALPHA with multibounce ATR module.


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