Drug Testing with FT-IR

The Bruker FT-IR Drug Testing Kit quickly and reliably identifies legal and illegal substances using infrared spectroscopy, and is ideal for law enforcement, security and safety organizations. Save time and money by conducting your own analysis in-house or on the road.

  • Unambiguous identification, regardless of visual appearance
  • Fast analysis time - less than a minute
  • No more waiting for results from the lab
  • Reliable, accurate results
  • Easy to use - no specialist skills required
  • No sample preparation
  • No chemicals or solvents needed
  • Highly specialized Drug Library from TICTAC Communications Ltd, containing spectra of legal and illegal drugs. The library is regularly updated to include new "Legal Highs"/ NPS.
  • Comprehensive Complete ATR library containing 26,000 spectra of forensic and pharmaceutical compounds, chemicals and polymers
  • Accredited by CAST (Centre for Applied Science and Technology in the UK) for the identification of ketamine and mephedrone
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