OPUS Spectroscopy Software

OPUS 7.8

Version 7.8 is the latest release of OPUS, the leading software for measurement, processing and evaluation of IR, NIR and Raman spectra. Besides many detail improvements for optimized work flow and convenience OPUS 7.8 includes the following important changes:

  • Windows 10 compatibility: As one of the most important features OPUS 7.8 is now validated for and fully compatible with Windows 10. The step to this de facto standard operation system will help you to make your installation preferably sustainable, also in terms of your individual IT landscape. Nevertheless OPUS 7.8 is also further compatible with the Windows 7 operating system.
  • Fully revised and extended Quick Compare function: The verification of the correct chemical identity of raw materials and products against the spectrum of a reference sample is one of the most important mid infrared routine applications. It is relevant for virtually all manufacturing industries and the OPUS Quick Compare function performs this task in an automated manner. The new, revised Quick Compare function includes the following important improvements and changes:

Even more clear evaluation result categories:

  • Identified, No unique identification, Not identified

New option "Material Verfication":

  • Verifies if a user-defined sample has the correct identity

Optional storage of additional reference information

Storage of spectra within Quick Compare method:

  • Defined and secure method content
  • Easy method transfer from one system to another
  • Simple check and release of the method (electronic signature)

Improved reporting (Quick Print and Analysis Report)

New function for internal method validation:

  • Provides quick insight into method performance
  • Easier optimization of method parameters
  • Prevents accidental mix-up of materials
QuickCompare: Clear material verification results
QuickCompare: Validation function for the setup of reliable methods