Molecular Drug Imager Solution for Small Molecule Drug Discovery and Development


Taking small molecule mass spectrometry

imaging to the next level.


If you are looking for a way to evaluate drug candidates and their metabolites in tissue structure fastly and accurately, the new Molecular Drug Imager solution definitely is your instrument of choice. Thanks to the unparalleled power of solariX-based small molecule imaging it provides a comprehensive analysis-to-answer imaging workflow solution. It therefore enables a broad range of pharmaceutical investigations: From biomarker discovery till the validation of drug development studies.


Time saving thanks to automation


The Molecular Drug Imager facilitates the localization of multi-generational metabolic products of drug candidates by in silico metabolism. Thanks to the automated image generation of predicted metabolites in analyzed tissues you can save a significant amount of time when relying on Bruker's solution.

Molecular Drug Imager: A streamlined workflow

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