MALDI Biotyper for Industrial Application

MALDI Biotyper for Industrial Applications

Fast, accurate and traceable identification of microorganisms

Within the past few years, the MALDI Biotyper has changed the way that microbial identification is performed. The speed, accuracy, ease-of-use and cost efficiency of the system has convinced customers in different industries worldwide who acknowledge MALDI Biotyper as the state-of-the-art rapid microbiology method for the identification of microorganisms.

Identifying microorganisms by their molecular fingerprint

The MALDI Biotyper identifies microorganisms using MALDI-TOF (Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization – Time of Flight) Mass Spectrometry to determine the unique protein fingerprint of an organism. Specifically, it measures highly abundant proteins that are found in all microorganisms. The characteristic spectrum pattern of these proteins is used to reliably and accurately identify a particular microorganism by matching against thousands of reference strains for more than 3000 species.

Time and cost savings

MALDI Biotyper has the ability to reduce confirmation times because it can be performed on colonies from selective agar; removing the need to subculture and incubate.

These time savings can directly translate into significant cost savings by accelerated testing along the entire process chain for e.g. foods, beverages and pharmaceutical products. QC laboratories monitoring water quality are enabled to rapidly identify and narrow down the source of infection in the case of waterborne pathogens.

Identification of molds and multicellular fungi

The identification of molds and multicellular fungi is one of the most challenging aspects of microbiology.
Bruker has therefore developed a cultivation method and a standard preparation workflow, and the MBT Filamentous Fungi Library, currently containing 180 species entries, to facilitate the identification of these microorganism groups.

Mycobacteria Identification

The MBT Mycobacteria Suite is the comprehensive solution for laboratories in need of highly reliable and fast mycobacteria identification via MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry.

The MBT Mycobacteria Library covers 178 of the currently known 201 species and, with 807 strains, the natural variability of Mycobacterium species. The MBT Mycobacteria Software Module with adapted data acquisition and analysis methods secures high sensitivity of mycobacteria identifications.

Creating own libraries

Laboratories wanting to create their own library entries can make use of the optional MBT Explorer Software module to compile customized libraries. This software module also offers multiple sophisticated bioinformatics for spectra comparison and statistical data interpretation, enabling users to optimize the microorganism classification process by creating, modifying and organizing reference spectrum data.

Resistance detection via MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry

In addition to the identification of microorganisms, the MBT RUO system provides workflows for detection of specific resistance mechanisms via subtyping and for functional ß-lactamases assays.

Consumables and accessories for optimized microbial identification workflows

Disposable MBT Biotargets 96, the MBT Pilot* workstation for guided sample transfer and the MBT Galaxy for automated application of matrix and formic acid increase traceability, safety and confidence. For further information please click here.

* Licensed in the U.S. under U.S. Pat. No. 7,167,774

Not for use in clinical diagnostic procedures.