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TargetScreener - a comprehensive Screening and Quantitation Solution for Forensic Toxicology

Eliminating the false positves

Analyzing complex body fluids for the presence of drugs and/or toxicants together with their associated metabolites is a challenging application especially when ‘getting it right first time’ is of major importance.  TargetScreener HR is designed to meet these challenges and either accurately report which drugs/toxicants are present in the sample, or if no matches are found in the database, then provide several key pieces of analytical data and information to give the best chance of elucidating an identification.

TargetScreener HR - Get the Full Picture

TargetScreener HR is designed specifically for use with Bruker QTOF mass spectrometers to enable comprehensive targeted forensic screening and clinical screening, confirmation and quantitation of drugs and other toxicants in human body fluids. The solution is highly automated and hence minimizes method development time for toxicological screening.

Chromatographic overlay of bbCID
a) Chromatographic overlay of bbCID qualifier(QI) ion traces.
b) bb CID spectra, Qualifier Ions circled in green.

At the heart of the TargetScreener HR is a high quality forensic database of over 2,000 compounds of forensic relevance. The high resolution (HR) database includes exact mass data for parent ions, adducts, fragment ions as well as isotopic pattern and retention time information delivering maximum confidence in the end result and with a total injection to injection analysis time of 20 minutes. For added flexibility, users can easily add new compounds to the HR-MS database as they become available, futureproofing the investment for years to come and providing the ability to undertake retrospective analysis on previously analyzed samples.

This latter point is particularly pertinent given the explosion in the number of new synthetic cannabinoids hitting the drug scene.  Using a standardized protocol, new drug substances can be easily added to the database.  Given that TargetScreener HR collects ‘all of the data, all of the time’, all data files contain all the information required to retrospectively re-screen a previously analyzed sample when new compounds have been added to the database. 

Should a positive id still not be achieved, the mass spectra of an unknown peak will contain pseudo molecular ion accurate mass information, true isotopic ion (TIP – registered trade mark) for elemental composition and accurate mass fragment ions thus allowing the best chance of elucidating a chemical structure.

Furthermore, significant advances within Bruker’s OTOF instruments have resulted in systems which are both very sensitive and possess a large linear dynamic range in their response thus making them eminently suitable for quantitative studies. 

Collectively, these benefits make TargetScreener HR the most powerful tool for in-depth forensic analysis.

Broadband CID (bbCID) data acquisition
Broadband CID (bbCID) data acquisition differentiating two isomeric synthetic cannbinoids, JWH-122 and JWH-019.
Their unique bbCID qualifier ions (highlighted in the green boxes) are used for unambiguous identification.