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Real-Time PCR: When Time Matters

Clinical Impact

Molecular diagnostics can have significant impact on patient care and laboratory management. Bruker’s Real-Time PCRs are designed to provide rapid, targeted results in clinical areas that suffer from poor culture sensitivity, or where time to organism growth has an impact on clinical care or health economic outcomes. For rapid, robust microbial identification of cultured organisms see the MALDI Biotyper.

Bruker’s real-time PCRs are clinically driven. Using existing laboratory equipment, they provide rapid results with high sensitivity and specificity without the need for culture. 

Fungiplex® Aspergillus detects the main causative pathogens associated with Invasive aspergillosis, where clinical culture sensitivity is low. Invasive aspergillosis is hard to diagnose, affects immuno-compromised patients and is associated with high mortality.

Carbaplex® detects the five most prevalent carbapenemase gene families. The rapid detection of carbapenemase genes from rectal swabs supports timely deployment of infection control procedures and appropriate patient management.

fungiplex aspergillus