Introducing the First Ever Bruker MRI Award Presented at the 28th ISMRM Conference in Sydney Australia

Submit your newest research results for a chance to win the Bruker MRI Award based on pre-clinical imaging.

To be considered, please complete the attached power point template using unpublished or modified published images (please note, ISMRM abstracts are published images) (please see additional instructions below) and send it along with your name and institute name to by December 15th.

Terms and Conditions:

We kindly request your permission to display and use your data and images:

  • at the Bruker BioSpin booth at conferences,
  • on the Bruker BioSpin homepage,
  • in Bruker BioSpin product brochures, and
  • during oral presentations given by Bruker BioSpin personnel.

We assure you that all authors and the institution will be acknowledged in all instances. For each research project we kindly ask you to prepare one PowerPoint slide using our supplied template. Please include the following information:

  • Short descriptive title
  • Rationale of the research (Purpose, why is this interesting?)
  • Short description of the animal model and systems used (Methods)
  • Key findings and insights (Outcomes)
  • Future direction of study/comparison with previous methods/enduring challenges (Relevance/Perspective)
  • List of authors (including an e-mail address for direct contact) in the courtesy note.
  • Please enter all relevant acquisition parameters and methods/materials/animals used in the comments section of the PowerPoint slide as a reference


We have a base of more than 75 users worldwide working with our standards already and such creating exchangeable spectra for large scale epidemiology research or clinical trials. Amongst those users are also hospitals, biobanks and the members of the International Phenome Center Network (IPCN).