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InsightXpress 能够监测快速反应,可对反应条件进行快速、自动化的筛选。

在 Insight 产品系列中,InsightXpress 是速度最快的一款,非常适合快速反应 MR 的快速反应优化与反应监测。  

InsightXpress 的新截流输送泵可使 NMR 以空前的速度自动对反应条件进行筛选。Lloyd-Jones 教授及其同事在爱丁堡大学使用 InsightXpress 取得了对 Suzuki-Miyaura 去硼化反应副反应的机制与动力学的深刻见解。他们利用首个半衰期监测到了试剂的衰减。


Key Features

  • Used when needed (Compatible with Open Access System)
  • „„Rapid and easy set-up •„„Low sample volumes (<600 μL/shot)
  • Unlimited shots
  • Variable ratios of reagents to explore different reaction conditions
  • Accurate temperature control (detailed kinetics studies)
  • Pre-magnetization of reagents for quantitative information
  • „„Precise timing using a trigger pulse
  • Reproducible with stable measured volume
  • „„Dead-time less than 150 ms, enabling the monitoring of fast reactions
  • „„Fast flow-rate injection (0.2 – 2 ml/s)
  • In-situ cleaning using dedicated solvent flush line
  • Compatible with all Bruker 5 mm Probes
  • Easy automatic optimization of NMR parameter
  • Intuitive software for data acquisition and analysis