Gyrotron Microwave Source

The gyrotron includes a sealed custom-designed gyrotron tube, superconducting magnet, and control system, all designed to provide high stability, reliability, and ease of operation. Beam propagation to the sample is ensured by high microwave beam quality and corrugated waveguide. The sample is polarized in-situ in a low-temperature NMR MAS probe. 

1H NMR Frequency WB NMR Magnet Gyrotron Frequency Gyrotron Magnet
400 MHz 400/89 Ascend DNP 263 GHz 4.8 T cryogen-free
600 MHz 600/89 Ascend DNP 395 GHz 7.2 T cryogen-free
800 MHz 800/89 USP RS 527 GHz 9.7 T cryogen-free
Technical DNP ENC 2016

263 GHz Klystron Microwave Source

The 263 GHz klystron is a continuous-wave  microwave source designed and manufactured for extended DNP NMR at 400 MHz 1H frequency and 100 K sample temperature.  The klystron provides a DNP option with lower purchase price, operating costs, footprint, and facility requirements compared to the gyrotron product line while retaining high DNP sensitivity and stability.  At 5 W output power, it reaches 90-100% DNP efficiency on biological samples and small molecules in frozen solution while dense material samples perform at > 80% compared to the 263 GHz gyrotron.

The system assembly consists  of: (1) extended interaction klystron oscillator (EIK), (2) a control system with graphical user interface, safety interlocks, power supply and cooling network, and (3) a low-loss microwave transmission line.  It is compatible with a 400 WB Ascend DNP solid-state NMR spectrometer and Bruker low-temperature MAS (LTMAS) probes. 

263 GHz Klystron


  • 用户界面
  • 控制和调节
  • 温度、电压、水冷却、回旋管磁体

低温 MAS 探头

  • 低样品温度 (~ 100 K)
  • 冷样品线圈和 RF 电路
  • 3.2 毫米 MAS 转子(在 100 K 下最大转速为 17 kHz)
  • 宽腔三线共振探头 (H/C/N)
  • 冷样品弹入/弹出
  • 低温干氮气供应
  • 3 路气体:样品支承、旋转驱动和 变温
  • 自动加注液态氮供应
  • 微波辐射传导
  • 长期操作(数天、数周)
263 GHz AVANCE DNP-NMR spectrometer