NMR 软件集

提高小分子和生物分子 NMR 分析的性能、便利性和效率

布鲁克提供一系列具有广泛用途并适合不同经验水平用户的 NMR 数据采集和分析的软件解决方案。从久经考验且备受信赖的 IconNMR 到最新发布的移动应用,布鲁克软件天生就能够与自己的仪器无缝合作,为用户提供准确、全面和可以理解的结果。

同一品牌涵盖最全面的 NMR 软件集

TopSpin 有着非常直观的界面,它同时也是 NMR 数据分析和 NMR 谱采集与处理的行业标准。

AMIX 提供一系列能对 NMR 数据进行统计和谱图分析的强大工具。它可以为各种应用提供生产力,例如可用于代谢组学、小分子研究和混合物分析等。

SampleTrack™ 是具有标准化界面的布鲁克实验室自动化和管理系统。作为实验室网络软件工具,SampleTrack 在分析环境中管理所有的自动化处理步骤。

AssureNMR 是用来做定性、定量和分类筛选的集成的、自定义的程序

Bruker NMR Software Suite is a cost-effective package bundling the tools you need for complete data analysis.



Dynamics Center offers method-oriented workflows for general dynamics and protein dynamics.

PotencyMR for purity and potency determination by quantitative NMR.

Fragment-based Drug Discovery by NMR detects ligands with low binding constant


TopSolids is the choice for solid-state NMR in structural biology.

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InsightMR 是用 NMR 分析化学过程的平台。

IconNMR 是自动化软件,其目的是使样本通量最大化。

CMC 是一套小分子表征与分析的软件模块。


HyStar™ coordinates experiments when a liquid chromatography system is coupled with spectroscopic methods like NMR or MS. HyStar controls the chromatography system instruments, which interface in diverting the solvent flow into the spectrometers or intermediate collectors.


BBIOREFCODE 2 is a database containing currently spectra of 750 compounds which are typically found as metabolites in body fluids or as components in samples from food, feed and beverage analysis.


BioTop “knows” your experiments. Based on your selection of experiments, bioTop optimizes and maintains consistency for commonly used and shared parameters.


Bruker FUSION-SV fully integrated HRAM-MS and NMR data for unrivalled structure verification.

qNMR Brochure

How qNMR brings speed and accuracy to drug dvelopment.