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At a translational field of 3 Tesla, the BioSpec 3T extends the range of multi-purpose, preclinical MRI and MRS systems in a compact, easy to site footprint.

With its versatile design, it supports a broad spectrum of preclinical application fields, such as oncology, structural and functional neuroimaging, contrast agent development, stem cell research, ischemia, cardiology, and metabolic research. Superior cryogen-free magnet design eliminates the need for liquid helium and completely overcomes reliability limitations of previous cryogen-free magnets that quench within minutes after a cooling disruption.

Designed for study of mice and rats, the BioSpec 3T comprises the latest Bruker MRI technology, software application packages and multimodal options. To augment the range of research options in your laboratory the BioSpec 3T is fully compatible with other imaging modalities such as PET.

Key Benefits

  • Superior cryogen-free magnet that stays on field for at least 4 hours during power outages and cooling water problems
  • No liquid Helium or Nitrogen filling required „„
  • Ensure peace of mind with comprehensive services, hotlines, training courses (application and programming) and onsite training
  • Over 100 validated and ready to use in vivo protocols and scan programs for mice and rats „„
  • Accurate animal positioning with the motorized animal handling system, including touchscreen operation for a simplified, precise workflow „„
  • Automated multi-stage, whole body imaging
  • Compact footprint can even fit in small labs
  • Self-shielded system, no Faraday cage necessary
  • „„No quench line required


Key Features

  • Maximum freedom for your animal experiments with a magnet bore of 180mm
  • Support for very large rats with best-in-class free RF-coil access of 82 mm
  • Significant signal-to-noise boost in vivo of at least a factor of 3 with the MRI „„CryoProbeTM
  • Complete RF coil portfolio for mice and rats available, including coils for head, brain, cardiac, body, x-nuclei and multipurpose applications
  • Fully-featured ParaVision® preclinical user interface integrates other modalities for streamlined workflow „„
  • Upgradable with state-of-the-art PET module
  • MRI sequence portfolio of more than 1,000 sequence variations, including wireless cardiac imaging using navigator based IntraGate methods with a choice of cartesian or radial readout, as well as short echo time imaging, such as UTE and ZTE
  • Best in class homogeneity of ±0.1 ppm for a 50 mm DSV due to solid magnet design
  • Crisp and highly resolved images with a gradient strength of up to 900 mT/m at high gradient linearity of ±3.5% (DSV 50 mm)
  • Up to 6 higher order, high power shim channels (e.g. 3750 Hz/cm2 for XZ,YZ) guarantee optimal performance for spectroscopy and MRI
  • In-house development and production of all key components (software, magnet, gradient, spectrometer, RF-coils) ensures the best performance and short repair times
  • Refrigerator service can be done on field within 30 minutes without ramping down the magnet
  • Minimal EPI ghosts thanks to the Pulse Tube cooler which has no mechanically moving parts


  • 磁场强度从 4.7 至 7 T,可为高速和高分辨 MRI(磁共振成像)应用提供最高灵敏度
  • UltraShield™ 技术能确保最低的杂散场,实现轻松、具有成本效益的选址


  • 波谱仪平台 AVANCE™ III 可用于 MRI(磁共振成像)和 MRS 应用
  • 可扩展架构,提供多达 4 个平行接收器通道
  • 实时波谱仪控制(在扫描时优化采集参数)
  • 数字化预加强和数字化 RF 生成


  • 标准主动屏蔽的梯度系统
  • 集成匀场线圈,提供最佳磁场均匀性
  • 额外冷却确保独特的负载循环特征

RF 线圈

  • 筒式谐振腔,内径范围介于 23 mm - 72 mm
  • 主动 RF 解耦,实现独立的发射和接受线圈操作
  • 多通道阵线圈可实现并行成像应用
  • 集成式前置放大器能确保在宽动态范围内获得最佳灵敏度
  • RF 线圈 硬件识别能自动配置所有相关参数



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