多功能高磁场 MRI/MRS 研究系统

专门为临床前和分子 MR 成像的新兴市场而设计

BioSpec® 系列专门为临床前和分子 MR 成像的新兴市场设计。先进的 MRI CryoProbe™ 技术与超高磁场 USR 磁体相结合,交付体内高空间分辨率,令客户可以更接近他们希望开展的分子和细胞级研究。凭借其创新分子概念,生命科学、生物医学和临床前研究领域中的几乎所有小型动物 MR 成像应用都可以执行。不论您的应用领域是什么,BioSpec 系列都将交付最佳解决方案,并把您完美的装配起来,以完成最严苛的任务和挑战。 

BioSpec 受益于布鲁克 BioSpin 的卓越性,它是全球分析磁共振仪器市场和技术领先者,包括 NMR、临床前 MRI 和 EPR。公司提供世界上最全面的磁共振研究工具,适用于生命科学、材料科学、分析化学、流程控制临床前研究。凭借超过 500 的全球 MRI 系统安装量和布鲁克遍布五大洲的 40 多个当地办事处,您可以依赖我们的长期专业特长和专责售后支持。

  • UltraShield Refrigerated USR magnet technology at field strengths from 4.7 up to 21 Tesla for unsurpassed sensitivity in small animal MRI
  • A wide range of bore sizes between 11 and 40 cm for investigations on all animals of relevance in preclinical imaging
  • Helium zero-boil-off and Nitrogen free magnet technology for reduced maintenance costs and longer service intervals
  • Scalable AVANCE III HD MRI RF architecture incorporating up to 16 receiver, 4 independent and 8 parallel transmitter channels
  • Parallel imaging (GRAPPA) for almost all applications including EPI Multiple transmit imaging applications
  • High performance BGA-S gradients with highest amplitudes and slew rates, shim strengths and duty cycles optimized for high field MRI
  • AutoPac: motorized and software controlled animal positioning system for routine handling and increased throughput
  • IntraGate™: self gated, steady-state cardiac imaging (no external sensor hardware and triggering devices required)
  • Phased-array RF coil technology for maximum sensitivity and minimum scan times
  • MRI CryoProbe™ delivering an exceptional increase in sensitivity to in-vivo proven factors of 2.5 to 5.3
  • ParaVision® 6: intuitive software package, for multi-dimensional MRI/MRS data acquisition, reconstruction, analysis and visualization