The ContourGT-K is the culmination of over three decades of proprietary optical innovation and industry leadership in non-contact surface metrology, characterization and imaging. With the use of multiple objectives and integrated feature recognition, features can be tracked over a variety of fields of view and at sub-nanometer vertical resolution, providing scale-independent results for quality control and process monitoring applications in very diverse industries.


With thousands of customized analyses and Bruker’s simple, powerful Vision64™ user interface, the ContourGT-K is optimized for productivity in the lab and on the factory floor. In addition, the ContourGT-K can be significantly extended past the standard platform with field-upgradable add-ons and application-specific customization packages:

  • Fully automated turret and programmable X, Y, Z movement
  • Application-specific productivity software



ContourGT-K analyzing gear teeth.
ContourGT-K0 closeup