Superior Critical Dimension, Depth & Roughness Metrology

The InSight-450 3DAFM is the most advanced automated AFM platform for in fab and full wafer metrology. Extending the benefits of the standard InSight platform to 450mm such as high-precision X-Y air bearing stage, high speed DSP automated tip exchange and our patented CD afm control. Every effort has been made to minimize the impact of scaling on the AFM system performance and it shows with the InSight-450 meeting or beating the performance of the 300mm system.

Key Features

  • Provides reference metrology for crucial CD elements like gate, shallow trench isolation (STI) union dual-damascene structures, sidewall angles, line-edge variation and more
  • Maintains the lowest measurement uncertainty for critical dimension (CD) and sidewall angle (SWA) metrology
  • Full wafer coverage, TEM-like accuracy and no wafer damage
  • Fully automated platform including wafer registration, tip exchange, tip qualification, recipes and more
  • AFM resolution for bare wafer and thin films roughness characterization
InSight 3DAFM reference metrology.