UMT tribolab lubrication

Lubricants Testing

Product developers and manufacturers of machinery frequently need to test the performance of lubricants to determine the formulation that will deliver the best performance and product life. 

Lubricants play a critical role in nearly every type of machinery, and their performance is often critical to the speed, reliability, and life of the machines. To properly test lubricants, there must be appropriately simulated use and environmental conditions and the proper application of the lubrication and wear regime. 

Similarly, the auto industry has myriad test requirements to ensure part performance under many conditions. Few industries are as affected by test standards as the automotive sector. Brakes, clutches, seatbelts, engines, tires, etc., are all tested for their material properties in accordance with ASTM, DIN, JIS, ISO and other standards 

TMT Lubrication testing 1
Reciprocating test module
TMT Lubrication testing 2
Rotary test module

Bruker has addressed this need for versatile test configurations to perform these standard tests, as well as custom tests requested by OEMs. With interchangeable modules, the UMT Tribometer can perform many tests on a single platform, under many different environmental conditions. It’s an ideal platform for performing standard and customized tests to accurately and efficiently characterize wear on a part and the efficacy of lubricants.


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