stress strain bend test,3 point bend test,stress strain curve, UMT

Stress-Strain-Bend Testing

Elastic modulus in bending, stress-strain behavior, and failure limits in bending all can be obtained using the simple sample geometry of a 3-point bend test.


In composite materials, failure can occur due to delamination between the fibers and the matrix, prior to complete specimen failure. Bend tests provide a simple way to evaluate the quality of materials by their ability to resist cracking or other surface irregularities during one continuous bend.


Bruker’s UMT can be equipped with an easy-to-use 3-point bend module for assessing various properties of laminate and sheet materials. Tests can be run under load-displacement-control modes. 


Click the link below to learn more about stress, strain, and failure evaluation in bend testing using Bruker’s UMT Tribolab.


3-Point-Bend Testing  

3 point bend test,stress strain curve
3-point bend data showing internal failure, identified by Acoustic Emission signal, prior to sample fracture.