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The Most Versatile Tribology System Ever Designed

Comprehensive materials testing for mechanical and triobological properties

Bruker’s Universal Mechanical Tester (UMT) platform has been the most versatile and widely used tribometer on the market since the first model debuted in 2000. Now, newly designed from the ground up, the UMT TriboLab™ builds on that legacy of versatility with a unique modular concept that harnesses more functionality than ever before—all without any compromise in performance.

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In fact, the UMT TriboLab offers higher speeds, more torque, and better force measurement than any of its predecessors or competitors, plus it introduces powerful new features for improved efficiency and ease-of-use. TriboLab can perform practically every common tribological test on nano and micro scales. Due to its range of testing abilities and multiple possible configurations, it is used extensively across a wide variety of industries, including biomedical, microelectronics, paper, and coatings, and throughout common industrial processes in petroleum, aerospace, automobile, engine, bearing, and fastener manufacturing.

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Modular Drives for Maximum Versatility

Quick changeover of drives using tool-less clamping allows the user to position the drive easily, then lock it into place in seconds. No cable connections are required for standard drives, and blind-mate connectors on the mounting ring automatically connect fans, sensors, and other electronics. Each hardware component includes a Tribo ID chip. Software interrogates the system, interprets the chip and “understands” the configuration without operator-entered commands.

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Tribolab Linear Sensor v1

High-Load, High-Performance Sensors

The UMT TriboLab excels at producing highly accurate and repeatable test data by utilizing the latest developments in sensor technology from Bruker. These new “Gold Series” sensors offer noise levels at an industry-leading 0.02% of full scale values, with circuitry completely redesigned to reduce noise to an absolute minimum. The range of sensors also has been extended to eleven sensors, spanning forces from 1 milliNewton up to 2 kiloNewtons.

ASTM Standards Testing with Modular Drives

The UMT TriboLab is designed to closely mimic the widest array of real-world environments through the use of specialized modular drives. These drives allow their users to perform numerous ASTM standards tests to ensure product quality, health and safety, and consumer confidence. These modules can also perform custom user-designed tests, with the capability of adding extra functionality through specialized accessories and software upgrades.

UMT tribolab Modules