ESPRIT ZetaQuant

ZetaQuant is the latest addition to the list of quantification methods for electron transparent samples supported by ESPRIT. It works in TEM, STEM and SEM and relies on the knowledge of the beam current used for measurement to provide accurate results:

  • Standard based quantification and thickness determination using experimentally calibrated Zeta factors
  • Requires the possibility to measure the beam current
  • The exact thickness of the standard must be known or a respective measurement option (e.g. by EELS) has to be available
  • Automatic calibration of Zeta factors for the particular elements of the standard composition
  • Automatic calculation of Zeta factors for all elements based on the Zeta factors calibrated using standard(s)
  • Editable Zeta-factors and option to save and load Zeta factor databases
  • Background fit based on the physical Bremsstrahlung-model for electron transparent samples