ESPRIT DynamicS Application Examples

The application examples presented here show the versatility of the ESPRIT DynamicS software. See how dynamical pattern simulation can be used to support the work of the EBSD analyst.

Analysis of iron oxides

Magnetite Crystal Structure
Crystal structure of magnetite

Iron oxides are important compounds in materials science and geology. Their EBSD patterns are so similar that they can sometimes be difficult to distinguish. More info

Simulating HOLZ rings

Dynamical Simulation of a Cr3Si Pattern
Dynamical simulation of a Cr3Si
EBSD pattern

Ring-like features around zone axes can be very distinctive for certain phases in experimental EBSD patterns. These can be simulated dynamically. More info

Simulation of non-centrosymmetric crystals: GaP

Difference Between Dynamical GaP Pattern Simulations
Difference between dynamical pattern
simulations of two different GaP
crystal structures

In some crystals the “front” side and “back” side of certain lattice planes are different, a polar effect which can only be reproduced using dynamical pattern simulation. More info


Simulating EBSD patterns at different energies

Experimental Nickel Pattern at 5 kV
Experimental nickel pattern at 5 kV

ESPRIT DynamicS can be used to simulate patterns at different acceleration voltages. More info