Fast Microstructure Characterization

Using the ARGUS™ FSE/BSE Imaging System for Acquiring Color-Coded Orientation ContrastImages

ARGUS™ is Bruker's unique detection system for forescattered (FSE) and backscattered electron (BSE) images. Here we compare several sets of images from different samples to show the advantages of FSE images in artificial colors for fast microstructure characterization.

The set of three FSE detectors mounted in a row below the screen of the e-Flash detector screen "see" the actual EBSD signal containing microstructural information. Depending on phase type and crystallite orientation, the three detectors will detect different signal strengths. Color-coding these signals in RGB produces images that are much more informative than standard greyscale images. Applications for FSE imaging are:

  • Simple control of sample preparation quality
  • Fast and easy determination of an area of interest for EBSD analysis
  • Fast checking of microstructural homogeneity of samples
  • Studying deformation in mineralogical samples
  • Monitoring of plastic deformation during in-situ tensile testing experiments