(Re-)Analysis Functions

A Real Strength of ESPRIT for EBSD

The software can store full patterns or band positions – an unique feature to QUANTAX EBSD. This allows the use of re-analysis functions at an unprecedented speed without necessity of re-running a measurement, e.g. in case an unexpected phase was missed. Re-analysis may be re-indexing with manual phase selection or Advanced Phase ID for complete sample characterization.

Fast Re-indexing with up to 54,000 points/s

Re-indexed Ferritic Steel
Orientation map of a deformed ferritic
steel, original map size 1600x1200
(1,920,000) patterns, pixel size:
0.610 µm, re-indexed in 36 s,
54,000 points/s, 1.6 % zero solutions

The EBSD software is capable of re-indexing measurements in incredibly short time. Single phase materials can be re-indexed with around 54,000 points/s. The advantage of re-indexing is that measurements can be re-analyzed when not all phases have been selected or known initially.

Advanced Phase ID

Volcanic Rock, Manual Phase Selection
Volcanic rock containing fayalite and
wuestite phases, indexed with manual
phase selection
Volcanic Rock, Indexed Using Advanced Phase ID
Volcanic rock, indexed using
AdvancedPhase ID. A much better
fitting phase file for fayalite was

The new Advanced Phase ID feature builds on the continuous development work at Bruker for integrating the EBSD and EDS techniques. Combining ESPRIT for EBSD’s ultrafast indexing algorithm with a robust phase search engine and an interactive band detection, the Advanced Phase ID feature determines the best phase file fitting the crystallographic phase under investigation. This will significantly improve the indexing rate as well as the angular resolution.

The Advanced Phase ID feature can be used online (at the SEM) as well as offline on a separate computer. ESPRIT for EBSD’s unique data handling, Advanced Phase ID feature and ultrafast offline re-indexing allow launching a measurement with no need for identifying all present phases in a multi-phase material. Missing phases can be identified offline and used for subsequent re-indexing of the EBSD data thus significantly improving the user and SEM efficiency.

More info

QUANTAX EBSD – Reinventing EBSD (PDF brochure)