Metal Analysis & Metal Identification

In-process alloy verification

Determining the precise chemical composition and alloy grade of metal is a common need in many industries. Metal analysis tools that are fast, accurate, nondestructive, and highly portable are the cornerstone of efficient operations whether you are a metal refiner, recycler, or fabricator. To speak with someone immediately regarding your metal analysis needs, please contact our specialists.


To meet these challenges, Bruker introduces the S1 TITAN, a state of the art metal analyzer. The S1 TITAN handheld metal analyzer is a rugged, nondestructive instrument perfect for a wide variety of metal analysis applications including:

Regardless of the specific application, the Bruker S1 TITAN is versatile enough to analyze metal anywhere, from incoming to in-service components and from small solder joints on printed circuit boards to large in-service piping in a petrochemical plant.

Metal Analysis Applications of the Bruker S1 TITAN

The Bruker S1 TITAN provides several distinct advantages for any metal analysis user:

  • Complete alloy chemistry within a matter of seconds on most metal samples
  • Alloy grade identification almost instantaneously
  • Ergonomic, lightweight design for all-day comfortable use
  • Take the instrument to the sample, not the sample to the instrument
  • Can be used in high-temperature environments, such as petrochemical piping
  • All results are auto-saved for perfect record keeping and chain of custody
  • Ability to analyze wide range of elements simultaneously, from Mg (magnesium) to U (uranium)
  • Completely nondestructive metal analysis does not alter the sample in any way
  • Available optional small-spot analysis area collimator and camera allow user to visually identify and record specific small areas or components within a larger context
  • Very easy-to-use instrument is simply point-and-shoot for most applications
  • Industry-leading accuracy

Whatever your metal business might be, you stand to increase efficiency and minimize errors with the Bruker S1 TITAN handheld metal analyzer. To get your specific questions answered and request further information, contact one of our metals and alloys experts here.