The M4 TORNADOAMICS brings together the ultra-fast high resolution elemental distribution analysis of Bruker's M4 TORNADO spectrometer with the powerful mineral identification and classification software AMICS (Advanced Mineral Identification and Characterization System).

Especially large geological samples, e.g. drill cores and hand samples as well as thin sections, can easily be analyzed down to the micrometer scale making the M4 TORNADOAMICS a powerful system in mining and geosciences. With its ability to measure unprepared samples at low to atmospheric pressure, it provides mineral phase results in the shortest time frames.

The AMICS software provides all the tools to determine modal mineralogy, mineral distribution and calculated assay of geological samples.

Key features

  • Based on leading Micro-XRF platform
  • Innovative mineral identification technology
  • Comprehensive database for quick and easy mineral identification
  • Easy setup of measurements and automation of multiple samples
  • Highly efficient data handling and reprocessing to optimize the workflow
  • Offline processing and reclassification and customized mineral groupings
  • Easy export of data for reporting


  • Combines centimeter scale mineral analysis with micrometer resolution
  • Secure identification of mineral phases by X-ray analysis without the cost or complexity of an SEM
  • No or little sample preparation meaning minimum time from sample to result
  • Produces comparable results to SEM-EDS, MLA and QEMSCAN down to micron scale
  • Great tool for capturing the (uncrushed) sample texture for ore body development, otherwise not possible for SEM analysis due to sample size
  • Helps make more informed desicions in selecting samples for more time-consuming SEM-EDS analysis

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Lab Report XRF 469 Mineral composition analysis using the M4 TORNADOAMICS