Q4 TASMAN, ccd based, optical emission spectrometer, metal-analysis

Q4 TASMAN - Advanced CCD Based Optical Emission Spectrometer for Metal Analysis

Q4 TASMAN offers an outstanding solution for metal analysis: optimal analytical performance, user-friendly and cost-effective operation.


  • Iron & steel and its alloys
  • Aluminum and its alloys
  • Copper and its alloys
  • Nickel and its alloys
  • Cobalt and its alloys
  • Magnesium and its alloys
  • Lead and its alloys
  • Tin and its alloys
  • Titanium and its alloys
  • Zinc and its alloys

Incoming inspection of small pieces with Q4 TASMAN

As part of the incoming goods inspection, one is often confronted with the material testing / element analysis with particular challenges. Particularly with small components and semi-finished products, it is often difficult to perform accurate elemental analysis.

Tubes, wires and fittings are often difficult in handling on the spark spectrometer when analyzing.

Therefore, Bruker Elemental offers the Q4 Tasman, with its optimized argon flow, various adapters and tools which makes the daily incoming goods inspection easier.