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D8 QUEST - Technical Details

New PHOTON II detector with CPAD technology

  • The largest monolithic active area of any pixel array
  • Excellent sensitivity over a wide energy range (Cu Kα to In Kα radiation)
  • Single-photon sensitivity
  • No charge sharing effects, zero counting losses
  • Air-cooled
  • 3-year warranty


Sealed tube X-ray sources

  • Mo or Cu radiation
  • the economical solution
  • Optional TRIUMPH for three-fold intensity


IµS 3.0 microfocus X-ray source - tailored to the needs of crystallography

  • Mo or Cu or Ag radiation
  • Twice the intensity of conventional microfocus sources
  • Air-cooled (Watch our Air-Cooled Video)
  • 3-year warranty

Advanced safety enclosures

  • Compliant with the strictest radiation safety regulations
  • Compliant with the new machinery directive



  • Best goniometer precision
  • Sphere of confusion of less than 7 micrometer ensures that even your smallest sample stays reliably in the center of the X-ray beam.



  • APEX3 is the most complete suite for chemical crystallography
  • PROTEUM3 now with a data processing pipeline for structural biology

智能测角仪控制 - 3D 机器人路径规划

在 DAVINCI.DESIGN 的概念范围内,D8 QUESTD8 VENTURE 使用革新性 3D 机器人路径规划算法来有效驱动测角仪,最大限度地发挥系统功能。路径规划软件持续检查试验装置的有效性。硬件识别功能可自动识别组件,比如镜子、准直仪或狭缝。


加上对每个组件当前位置的了解,就可以提供一个最新的系统 3D 模型,可以动态地计算有效、安全的测角仪驱动路径:

  • 在系统中添加或移除组件时,仪器状态将即时更新,并用于自动软件路径规划。
  • 严格避免了探测器被测角仪的组件遮挡,且绝不会发生碰撞。
  • 可以添加新硬件组件,且不需要更新固件。


观看 3D 机器人模型视频,该模型用于结合真实仪器运动进行路径规划。