D8 VENTURE, TXS, KAPPA, single crystal X-ray diffraction

High-end Single source system


In addition to the single source configuration of the D8 QUEST, the larger enclosure of the D8 VENTURE hosts all our high intensity sources for working on even smaller, weakly diffracting crystals: the TXS for Mo- and Cu-radiation and the METALJET offering liquid metal technology.

  • Cu-radiation for absolute configuration and protein screening
  • Mo-radiation for high throughput and charge density
  • Ag-radiation for charge density and high pressure experiments
  • Ga-radiation from METALJET X-ray source for high-end structural biology and most demanding chemical crystallography samples

The Gallium-Kα emission line – 1.34 Å – is close to that of copper for maintaining the proven benefits of Copper-Kα radiation.

Yet, Gallium’s shorter-wavelength adds a number of advantages, such as reduced radiation damage, a greatly improved signal to-noise ratio due to an increased detector sensitivity, reduced X-ray absorption by the sample and reduced scattering by both mother liquor and air. The METALJET takes advantage of all these benefits, with an ultra-intense Ga-Kα beam.

Two wavelengths at your fingertips

For greater flexibility the D8 VENTURE allows the combination of two X-ray sources with a highly accurate goniometer and the PHOTON 100 CMOS detector for crystallography. The result is a highly versatile instrument that allows fast and fully automated wavelength switch.

X-ray sources for dual wavelength

  • Combination of two different wavelengths
  • Fast and fully-automated wavelength switch

D8 VENTURE with Mo- and Cu-radiation

Charge density experiments and protein screening are now possible on one instrument. Fast high resolution data with Mo-radiation and determination of absolute structures for light atom organic compounds with Cu-radiation.

D8 VENTURE with Mo- and Ag-radiation

A solid state chemist’s dream: high flux density Mo-radiation for routine crystallography and Ag-radiation for charge density experiments to even smaller d-spacing, reduced absorption and improved diamond anvil cell (DAC) high pressure experiments.

Protect your investment into the future

Your future needs may change. Even if you don’t need a second wavelength right now, as a second source can be added to the D8 VENTURE it gives you the flexibility to easily upgrade your capabilities in the future by adding a second wavelength.

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