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SC-XRD Detectors

Detectors for crystallographic applications require a unique combination of sensitivity, speed, dynamic range, resolution, and detector size. The PHOTON III and PHOTON II detector families take full advantage of very-high-flux X-ray sources.

These revolutionary detectors are offered in the, D8 QUEST ECO, D8 QUEST and D8 VENTURE. All our detectors for single crystal X-ray diffraction feature our unique air-cooled design, which gives you ultimate convenience and reliability, backed by our unmatched three-year detector warranty.


The new PHOTON III series brings us the first pixel array detectors to support both, photon counting and charge integration for the best sensitivity and dynamic range. With no gaps and no charge sharing, the PHOTON III detector delivers the ultimate in laboratory crystallography data quality.

Because at Bruker we don’t believe in a one size-fits-all approach the PHOTON III series offers detectors in two different sizes. The detector active area of each detector is tailored to bring the best performance for your application needs to your laboratory:

  • Mixed-mode detection: simultaneous photon counting and integration
  • Active area of 200 × 140 mm2 without gaps
  • Single-photon counting
  • No charge sharing effects
  • No count rate saturation, zero counting losses


From the company that brought you the first in-house CCD and CMOS detectors, Bruker once again continues to spearhead X-ray detector development with the revolutionary new PHOTON II, the first CPAD for in-house X-ray crystallography.

  • Largest monolithic active area of any pixel array
  • No gaps due to the use of a single wafer-scale silicon sensor
  • Single-photon sensitivity
  • No charge sharing effects, zero counting losses

Please also download our new System Upgrades Brochure for chemical crystallography.