D8 DISCOVER Plus, X-ray diffraction

X-Ray Reflectometry on Thin Films and Superlattices

D8 DISCOVER Plus XRR Application Report

The physical properties of surfaces, ultra-thin films and multilayer coatings are of paramount importance in modern technology. X-ray reflec¬tivity (XRR) is a unique analysis technique for the non-destructive and calibration-free investigation of the structural properties of thin films down to the sub-nanometer scale. These properties include layer thickness, roughness, mass density and chemical composition regardless whether the films are amorphous, liquid, polycrystalline or epitaxial.

For detailed XRR analysis of thin film samples, the reflected intensity needs to be measured over the largest possible angular range to achieve the optimum spatial resolution in the density profile. To maximize the accessible range, the instrumental setup requires a high-intensity X-ray beam, reduced air-scattering and a detector with high dynamic range and low background noise.

In this report, the benefits of using the D8 DISCOVER Plus, equipped with the ATLAS™ goniometer and the high-efficiency turbo X-ray source (TXS-HE), for the analysis of thin films using X-ray reflectometry are presented.

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